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Once Upon A Time

Black Jack Frank Randall is the ancestor of Frank Randall. He finds himself upon a woman, Claire, running through the forest in her skivvies. He attempts to interrogate her by rape, but she is rescued by Highlanders, which in turn, heightens his suspicions about her allegiance with the rebels.

Once Upon A Time

The Evil Queen enacts her revenge on Snow White by casting a powerful spell that sends the inhabitants of The Enchanted Forest to Storybrooke, Maine and all memories of their former selves. Henry, her adoptive son, reads from a book of fairytales given to him by Mary Margaret, who in actuality is Snow White, and discovers the truth. Emma Swan’s life is changed when 10-year-old Henry knocks on her door claiming to be the child she gave up for adoption years ago. He believes Emma to be the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and needs her help to save the people of Storybrooke from the curse cast by the Evil Queen. Only wanting to take him home, Emma agrees to return to Storybrooke, but ends up staying as she discovers he may not be wrong about the town. Once Upon A Time pulls characters from all of the classic fairy tales adding a modern twist. Not everything is black and white in this new world. Snow White is not just a princess, the Evil Queen hasn’t always been evil, and the savior may be a lonely bail bonds bounty hunter.