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Product Availability

We work hard on keeping everything in stock, but occasionally stock-outs can’t be avoided. We indicate the product's availability on the product page. If your order is delayed longer than originally estimated, we will let you know. If your order is canceled for any reason, of course a refund will be issued and we'll let you know.

All products can be pre-ordered regardless of its stock status. See below for product status definitions.

If you have questions about a particular product’s availability or lead times, please contact us at and we can provide a more accurate ETA.

In Stock

It's obvious, products are currently in stock and are available for shipment. We'll ship your order the following business day.

Ships in 2-3 Days

Products have a processing and lead time of about 2-3 days. This means inventory is currently being replenished or its being shipped directly from our supplier.

Ships in 5-7 Days

Products have a processing and lead time of about 5-7 days. Usually this is reserved for new products or non-stocking products.


Products are new or currently not in stock but you can pre-order. This is for popular products that sell out quickly or are highly promoted. Products may also require manufacturing or need to be made. (Example: T-shirts, custom products)

Temporarily Out of Stock

Products are currently out of stock with an estimated restock date. This usually means the products are on a factory back order. Products with this status will still be listed on our website, but tentative restock date will be indicated on the product page.